Whitepaper: Multi-layer labels

Maximizing interaction space with multi-layer labels

Multi-layer label whitepaper cover

Multi-layer labels, also known as peel & reveal labels, peel & seal labels, and piggyback labels are a cost-effective solution—especially for smaller products—because they efficiently share additional information and incentives in a small space without adding extra bulky packaging.

Leopold der Nederlanden, MPS Training Centre Manager explains in this whitepaper why multi-layer labels are growing in popularity, the various ways to produce them, and how the productivity of multi-layer label production can be improved.

“From food & beverage, health & beauty, to industrial and promotional products, the applications for multi-layer labels are vast”
Multi-layer label whitepaper cover

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

Key benefits of multi-layer labels

How multi-layer labels are produced

Why adding connectivity will improve productivity

What's inside?

Multi-layer labels explained

Effective ways multi-layer labels can extend the value of a product

The vast range of applications for multi-layer labels

Variety of ways to print multi-layer labels with proven MPS technologies

How to determine the best process to produce multi-layer labels, with the advantages and disadvantages explained

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Discover more about multi-layer labels and how to add them to your product mix — download the whitepaper.


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